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Scientific background

 I have studied chemistry and biochemistry (BSc and MSc) at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. In 1977 I received a Ph.D. in microbiology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Research experience

I studied viral and bacterial physiology and molecular biology for 42 years, and was interested in their medical diagnosis and Pathology .Forty-nine peer reviewed articles were published in various international journals and my work was presented in several specialty conferences around the world.

Main interest

I am mainly interested in understanding the principle of "being alive", which is common to simple microorganisms and the most sophisticated human beings. I have realized that a deterministic, mechanistic approach, assuming that knowing all the parts, clock like, and allowing a living entity to be put back together, is wrong. This is because it is not only practically impossible to know each part, but mainly because in taking apart a living entity, something is lost and that is irretrievable.  In 1980-1981, while working as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Rockefeller University, in Sloan- Kettering Hospital in New York, I found out about "homeopathy" and "homeopathic healing" which presented an empirical answer for what I was searching for. It showed a systemic approach to understand human nature and apply it for healing. This healing takes into account the unique physical, emotional and mental situation presented by the patient, and provides a deeper understanding that they are all connected.

Since 1982, in parallel with my work in research, I have used and I am using every opportunity to study homeopathy .One of my early teachers was Dr. George Vithoulkas, together with his students Dr. Bill Grey and Dr. Kacenka Hrouby . Dr. Ruth Bloch, a noted South African homeopath, became my mentor and friend. I assisted her in a two year course in homeopathy for medical doctors at Bar- Ilan University. I passed with "excellence" an International Exam designed for this course. I am a member of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy almost from its foundation in the country.

I have successfully treated many patients and their families in Israel and abroad, and look forward to help more people who desire homeopathic approach for improved well-being and healing.