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Homeopathic healing

There are three elements involved in homeopathic healing: the patient, the homeopath, and the remedy. The interactions between these elements are unique each time for each patient.

The patient presents the history and story of his/her complaints and how they are being affected by them.

The homeopath has to know how to listen, how to ask questions and how to follow and record all pertinent details. Homeopathy provides a method of analyzing the situation of the patient and planning what and how to treat and in which order. The purpose is to bring a harmonious optimal function of all the levels in their life –the best possible well-being.

For a successful homeopathic healing choosing the right remedy is essential. As starting material for preparation of remedies, minerals, plants etc., have been used. There is a standardized method for preparing remedies which makes them safe and highly effective. Testing remedies on healthy people and recording the symptoms they produce, above their personal background when not taking the remedy is called "proving"(this was discovered by Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy).The integration of information obtained by the proving performed by many healthy individuals is used in homeopathy to treat sick people showing similar symptoms. This represents the "Law of Similars" What Can Cause, Can Cure. Over more than 200 years since the inception of homeopathy, a large amount of empirical and new information has been, and is being collected, adding to the great potential of homeopathic healing.